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I'm a freelance Director, Illustrator, and Animator.

I’m also an accomplished VFX artist, but that’s a story for another day.

I have a special love for well-crafted and artful storytelling, and for projects that increase kindness, joy, and beauty in the world. I draw upon over 21 years of professional experience and creative passion to deliver premium quality work, either independently, or in collaboration with you and other wonderful people.


Sometimes I even have spare time, and when I do, I draw portraits here,

horse around with my husband and kids -- and horse around with actual horses too. 

Want to work together? Just say hi? Drop me a line! I'd like that.

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Stuff you can hire me for: directing, pitching and creative direction, art direction, illustration, style frames, 2D animation, motion graphics,

VFX, matte painting, compositing in Flame, illustrated portraits... also, chilling with your horse, sweeping your barn, cleaning your tack. For real.

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