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Volkswagen - Snap Out There

My role: Co-Director + some animation

In addition to Co-Directing this piece with my super talented pal Leo Mateus at Tendril, I also threw down a little bit of animation as well. See my animation contributions below... then head on over to Tendril's post for the full breakdown - there's lots to dig into on this one! Dream team!


Agency: Deutsch

Production Company: Blacklist

Blacklist Producer: Alex Unick

Animation Studio: Tendril

Executive Producer: Kate Bate

Producer: John Szebegyinski

Creative Director: Alex Torres

Directors: Leo Mateus, Julia Deakin

Art Direction: Emillie Muszczak

Design: Rodrigo Rezende

Cel Animation: Bruno Brasil, Marcelo Vieira Lima, Deborah Leao

2D/3D Animation: Leandro Beltran, Samuel Bohn, Marcelo Souza

2D Animation: Daniel Pommella, Andrew Embury

Model/Render: Marcelo Souza

Music/Audio: Antfood

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