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Hylozoists - Bras D'or Lakes

My role: Director, Writer, Designer, + some animation

Many moons ago (in 2009 to be precise), Canadian instrumental rock supergroup The Hylozoists reached out to me to create a video for their song. They wanted it to be a short film unto itself, and the brief was open. Left to my own devices, I came up with this very personal story around the idea of loss and letting go. Portraying personal conflict, the spirit of courage and the natural world, it is a film that tells parallel stories of perseverance and renewal in a dramatic world filled with curious creatures, human emotion and moments of personal triumph.

During production of this film, I created several paintings that were also exhibited in a group show with some great artists at Katherine Mulherin's Queen West Gallery, Board of Directors (now defunct). Peep them below.

This film would not have been possible without the help of some wonderful people. Credits can be found at the bottom, along with my eternal gratitude.

Characters + Elements

Original Art