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Children's Wish Foundation

My role: Designer, Prop Maker, Set Builder, Stop Motion Animator

Once in a while, a project comes along for a cause that is worthwhile, with a script that is charming, and a crew that you love like family. It's not often, but these unicorns do exist, and this was one of those projects. Created during my time at Crush, the design & animation team of Crushers really rolled up their sleeves and got physical with this one, employing a mixture of stop motion animation, 2D character animation, and practical sets built out of paper and carved foam.

For this project I designed all the characters and had a hand in creating and animating the practical sets.


I may have lost some brain cells carving foam with a hot blade, but I remember sitting on the fire escape, in the sunshine, carving foam and thinking, "I am getting paid for this!". It wasn't the foam carving that got me so high -- it was the experience of creating something meaningful with such an incredible team, with everyone cross-pollinating and building stuff and just generally being super creative.

You can watch a portion of the spot above, and then enjoy this peek behind the scenes below.



(sadly I don't have complete credits here... if anyone can fill in the blanks please email me)

Produced at Crush Inc

Creative Director: Gary Thomas

Producer: Janice Rebelo

2D Animation: Yoho Yue

Stop Motion Animation: Jullian Ablaza, Julia Deakin

Character Design: Julia Deakin

Set Design: Jullian Ablaza, Julia Deakin

Props: Jullian Ablaza, Julia Deakin, Flavia Lopez, Ashley Barron

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